Crosier General ChapterSentinels of the Dawn Fashioning Evangelical Community

Sentinels of the Dawn Fashioning Evangelical Community

General Chapter Documents

Letters on the General Chapter

Pre-Chapter Election Discernment

Now Available
The document on
Pre-Chapter Election Discernment is provided by a special pre-chapter committee to assist communities and capitulars in their discernment for the election of a master general and councilors at the general chapter. A process is provided in this documentation which should be used in the context of the other documents (i.e. Instrumentum Laboris, State of the Order, Crosier Personnel and Finance Study) to surface viable candidates to lead our Order into another period of change.
After 1 March 2015, fill out your election discernment forms (with nominees) at this link.

Instrumentum Laboris

Now Available
Instrumentum Laboris is a work tool to help the communities of the Order discuss the major topics that make up the agenda of the general chapter and to assist the capitulars to work at the deliberations and direction-setting tasks of the general chapter. The Instrumentum Laboris shifts attention, from outlining the topics and general consultation (i.e. Lineamenta), to preparing the actual work agenda of the the general chapter.

Crosier Personnel and Finance Study: 15-Year Projections (2013-2028)

Now Available
The Master General and the General Council commissioned Brett Nicholls (and his associates) to complete a study of the personnel and financial resources of the whole Order with projections to 2028. The key findings and the summary of this study have significant implications for Order planning. This comprehensive study with summary is intended to be used by the whole Order, and also specifically at the General Chapter for better informed decision- making. Because it contains sensitive data, the PDF document is password-protected (using the Order’s common password – write
to this link to obtain password if you do not know).

State of the Order

Now Available
The report on the
State of the Order is provided to the Order by the master general in consultation with the general council. This document reports on how the directives of the last general chapter were implemented and the present state of Crosier religious life. In doing so, it articulates the challenges facing the general chapter.

Appendices to the State of the Order
(only available in English)

Governance and Structure Committee

The Governance and Structure Committee presents a series of documents to provide background and further rationale for topics from the Instrumentum Laboris related to governance and structure in the Order.

These documents were distributed to capitulars and other participants in the General Chapter but are here made available to the general Order.

These documents are available only in English language.

Circular Letter on Administration of Assets – CICLSAL

Logo for the 2015 General Chapter

Background Documents


A Lineamenta document has been prepared to invite the participation of all Crosier confreres in the upcoming 2015 General Chapter. The Lineamenta is meant to encourage all communities to enter into a discussion around the theme of the General Chapter so that each community can make a significant contribution to shaping the focus and content of the chapter.
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